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Hello, I am looking to rent a single mobile unit from Jan to March or Jan to April 2019 and am very flexible on dates. I've been staying in the Village since 1998, with my parents when they owned a place on ArbelIa. My sister Carole Laroche and Tom Richardson own on Swinton and I've been lucky to stay there for 3 weeks to a month each winter for the past 5 years. This 2018 winter, I rented from Ron and Karen Johnson on Ratan Street, from Jan to March in an Aloha unit. They've just informed me that they will be coming down to stay for the 2019 winter, which is the reason I am looking to rent in 2019. I have taken good care of the mobile unit and Karen and Ron came down for 10 day vacation in Feb and I stayed at my sister's to accommodate their stay. Karen was very happy with how the place looked, I kept up with the gardening and kept her unit was very clean. Karen will share with you how I am a reliable and responsible renter and I can provide her contact info at a later date and offered her contact info as a reference.

Hope to find a place while I am still here ‪until April 9th‬, then I head back up North. I can be reached now at my Canadian tel. no. or if you don't have a Cdn phone plan, you can call my sister Carol at ‪941-828-1596‬ ‪until April 11th.‬ I should mention I have a beautifully groomed and well behaved therapy dog, Nellie a tri-collie. Many of the residents here in the Village enjoy petting and meeting up with Nellie on our daily walks. As a registered therapy dog team, Nellie and I visit Cancer Centers and children's hospitals back in Ottawa to help sick kids in their recovery. I keep Nellie cleaned and groomed at all times.
Cheers, Claire
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